FlyAway- Automatic Fly Repellent Fan

No More Flies Landing On Food!
Leave the stress shooing away annoying flies away from your table and enjoy outdoor meals with the FlyAway!
This fan is the perfect little gadget for those hot summer days where the pesky flies do not want to leave the food alone, just put it down and it does all the work for you.

$19.99 $31.99

Did You Know Flies and Insects Carry Bacteria and Diseases ?

Flies aren’t just annoying, they’re also disgusting and dangerous; flies and other insects carry tons of bacteria and diseases that can contaminate your food when they land on it or can spread it when they land on you. The beauty of the BladeRepel insect repellent fan is it keeps flies, bees, and other insects away from you and your table so you can relax and enjoy your meal. Be gone annoying bugs!

This ingenious gadget is an automatic soft-bladed spinning fanthat keeps flies from dive-bombing your food on your outdoor or picnic table!. What’s the best part? It’s soft enough and automatically stops spinning when something touches the blades so you can easily grab your food without you feeling a thing. It starts back up again once you remove your hand.

This innovative fan has holographic patterns on the blades that affect a fly’s vision and keeps them away. FlyAway is a chemical-free, odor-free, and kid-safe way to keep pesky bugs from landing on your food while outdoors. The fly repellent fan is perfect for setting by your BBQ, on your table, for use in restaurants, and more. It’s perfect for anywhere that flies are a real bother.